Hair is everywhere. You know this to be true – that as you read these words, your hair and the hair of your acquaintances is slowly clogging your plumbing.  These hairy clogs are collecting soap scum and dirt, making the water in your living quarters slow to drain, or worse creating a stagnant pool of filthy water in your tub or sink. You may be suffering from male-pattern baldness with little or no hair growth on the place you most desire, but you still have to deal with all of hair’s inconveniences.  Hair is growing on your back, your shoulders, your face.  Hair is collecting on your floors, your ceiling fans and in your computer keyboard.  You can clean the hairy mess.  You can sweep or vacuum up the hair.  You can trim or remove the hair you grow. The hair will surely return.

The recursive plague of hair management is documented through the current exhibit:  TheArtofShaving(s).  Over several weeks, photographs were taken of fallen hair clippings.